Green Envy

Both my mother and my grandmother have green thumbs. Their yards are full of staghorn ferns, bromeliads, azaleas, camelias and a bunch of other beautiful plants. It helped that they live in Florida, but the plants grow for them. Once I had my own apartment I tried to grow some houseplants. They were doing okay until the dog decided the leaves looked more interesting than her dinner. After starting over I moved to Colorado and during the cross-country trip the plants fried in the sun of the hatch-back. Oops. I’ve had some success with gardens in Colorful (yet very dry) Colorado. One year I had three different colors of potatoes! I’ve even had to figure out how to preserve tomatoes a couple of years. Some of the posts in this part of the blog will be about my obsession with small successes in keeping a plant alive for more than a couple of months. Just wanted to let you know why…

Helpful advice for converting my brown thumb to a green one is always appreciated. Philodendrons are pretty safe, but most other varieties need to be superplants to survive. I have managed to kill mint on more than one occasion, which would have been impressive if I had wanted to do so.

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